Collaborative learning - Future of learning

These days, collaboration and learning come hand in hand. In schools and institutions, teaching methods that promote collaboration are commonplace. Be it group projects, discussion-based tutorials, online forums.

Why is collaboration and interaction so important? There are a multitude of reasons, but we synthesise 3 of them.

  1. Firstly, studies show that collaborative learning is an effective way to promote retention and problem solving.
  2. Secondly, according to social psychology, when students work together on a group task, social cohesion is built. This social cohesion can strengthen the students’ willingness to help one another and contribute to the task.
  3. Thirdly, collaborative learning is beneficial for students as it can help “even out” differing abilities. Stronger students can help more, and weaker students can accomplish more than what they could have done on their own.

How can we enhance student collaboration and engagement?

Teaching modes need to keep up with technological trends. The school-going generation are digital natives. They are active in online communities, and are heavy social media users. The internet and social media has thus opened up new opportunities for collaborative learning.

Studies show that students who use social media as a learning tool have greater involvement and motivation. Social networking sites allow students to post ideas, share and comment on those posted by others. This increases interaction among students.

Collaborative learning can take place on social networking sites, by getting students to work together on common tasks. Increased collaboration can lead to better learning attitudes and learning outcomes.

Furthermore, online collaborative learning allows students to work collaboratively without time and distance constraints. Hence, social technological tools should be used to encourage collaborative learning.

Soqqle is a solution which melds social networking with education. It integrates various functions, including tasks, commenting and feedback. The benefits of our app are summarised as below.

  • Educators
    Seamlessly create tasks for students to complete, individually or collaboratively. Leverage the benefits of having multimedia as task deliverables, which can have greater interactivity and engagement. Provide timely feedback to students, and track their learning progress.

  • Students
    Upload posts or submissions easily as multimedia. Engage with peers via liking and commenting.

  • Analytics
    Soqqle generates analytics from the data gathered, to give valuable insights to students’ learning. For instance, educators can find out which students are the most or least engaged, levels and patterns of interaction, and whether there are positive or negative attitudes amongst the students.

Online collaborative learning is an exciting trend that will revolutionise the education industry. We must position ourselves to reap the benefits of this phenomenon.

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